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Why Is Wellness
 Right For You?

What happens when you are discharged from therapy?  How will you be maintaining your progress? Do you have a plan or will you need guidance?  Private Health may be able to help.  Upon discharge from your formal physical therapy program, Christa will discuss various options for maintenance of health and continued growth toward your health goals.  

Lymphedema After Care

In order to make sure you are maintaining results, Christa will perform once monthly appointments involving girth measurements, skin checks, assessment of compression fit, review of home management program and advancement of home program.  Further care or additional appointments may be recommended if necessary.  

Pelvic Floor Fitness

Lets continue our pelvic health journey!  This is an exercise based program to give you advanced skills and knowledge regarding the muscles of the pelvic floor and surrounding regions. This promotes core stabilization and pelvic control during all daily, recreation and sport specific activity.  We will also include exercises for maintaining ideal posture.  This is a private pay/cash pay program individualized to fit your needs. 

Constipation Prevention Program

Constipation is a common and frustrating issue! Let Christa ease you into a program designed to promote regularity and improve your well-being, using safe and effective intervention tailored to your individual needs


Treat yourself to a relaxing massage.  Massage has known benefits of reducing stress and pain, improved circulation, improving lymphatic uptake, improving sleep, reducing fatigue and enhancing immunity.  We can schedule ala cart or as part of a monthly or bi-monthly package. 

Ala carte Services

For a cash fee, you can chose from our ala cart therapy services.  These include IASTM, electrical stimulation, biofeedback and massage.  This way, upon discharge you can continue to get the modalities you benefit most from but without participating in formal rehabilitation. 

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