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Do you take my insurance?

Private Health currently accepts Medicare Part B, BCBSM Traditional, BCBSM PPO, and Medicare Plus Blue. We collect the co-pay on the day of your session. For all other insurances, we are out of network.  

What are your cash rates?

All potential clients are encourage to call for a free 15 minute consultation.  We will then briefly discuss price and payment options based on your individual needs. We have reasonable private pay options for in clinic, telehealth and in-home services. We also offer affordable therapy packages. 


Do I need a physicians prescription?

Michigan is a Direct access state; therefore, you may be seen without a physician's prescription for up to 21 days or 10 visits (whichever comes first). 


Regarding my pelvic health, is an internal examination always necessary?

Not necessarily.  Although an internal examination will give Christa a better understanding of your condition, patient comfort is always paramount to establishing good care. Please communicate any concerns you may have. 

If you are a Telehealth based client, we may need to schedule an in-person session to accomplish any internal intervention. 


How many visits do I need?

This will vary depending upon the severity of your condition.  Treatments may occur 3 times per week or just once a month.  This will be communicated to you after the initial assessment. 


How long will my appointments last?

Plan to be in session for up to 1 hour, in-person, one on one care. Telehealth sessions may vary from 30-60 minutes. Christa can work with you to find the perfect schedule for your customized treatment plan. 

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