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What Is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a swelling of a body part as a result of an accumulation of protein -rich fluid in the tissues.  It is typically caused by damage to the lymphatic system of the body.  Some causes might be due to cancer treatments or surgery, venous insufficiencies, or trauma. It is a chronic condition and needs to be treated and managed in order to prevent complications. 


Christa is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.  Upon first meeting, Christa will conduct an extensive interview to discuss your medical history and current condition.  She will then perform a comprehensive examination including measurements of your affected body part (s), assessment of skin integrity, range of motion and strength.  ​She will create a individualized plan of care and discuss goals.  Treatment methods include Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), which is the gold standard of lymphatic treatment. 

Christa encourages lymphedema patients to consider in person/in-home sessions; however, Telehealth may also be utilized in some circumstances. 

Time and duration of therapy could vary.  There are accelerated treatment options available in which you see results in just 2 weeks.  


Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) consists of the following components:

  • Manual Lymph Drainage- Gentle massage to increase fluid movement and uptake of the lymph system.

  • Compression Therapy- there are many options for compression, such as short stretch wraps, Velcro wraps, stockings, sleeves, etc.  We will explore options and decide what it optimal for your situation. 

  • Exercise- this improves fluid movement and uptake.

  • Skin care- a good skin care regimen is essential to reducing risk of infections. 

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