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Affirming Care

Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, queer or gender noncomforming, Private Health ensures specialized care for your unique needs. Christa provides a safe and affirming experience while providing expert care for pelvic floor and orthopedic impairments, as well as, pre- and post-operative care for gender affirmation procedures.

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction 

  • A variety of orthopedic conditions​​

  • Gender affirming surgery

    • Pre-surgical prep for top and bottom surgery​

    • Post operative rehabilitation for

      • Vaginoplasty* **

      • Vaginoplasty revision* **

      • Vulvoplasty*

      • Chest augmentation 

      • Chest reduction

      • Phalloplasty*

      • Neophallus*

      • Donor site  

*  Rehabilitation protocols will be discussed with your surgeon prior to treatment.

**Education will be given regarding dilator usage per surgeon recommendations. 
Upon meeting you, Christa will conduct an extensive interview so she can get familiar with your history and current condition.  She will provide a safe and accepting environment and all questions will be directly pertinent to your unique health situation. You will take part in an examination that is guided by your level of comfort. 
After the examination, Christa will create an individualized plan of care and agree upon a set of goals. You can expect some treatment performed on the first day and you will leave with hand-outs and recommendations depending upon your diagnosis.  Christa encourages questions so you can have a better understanding of your body and diagnosis.  
Treatment may include (but is not limited to:
  • Soft tissue mobilization or massage 
  • Myofascial release
  • Biofeedback
  • Progressive therapeutic exercise
  • Postural re-training
  • Skin and wound care
  • Internal digital or dilator assisted mobilization (if needed)
  • Education regarding condition and a comprehensive home management program 
In person/in-home sessions are recommended for hands-on manual therapy  
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