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Private Health Physical Therapy and Wellness specializes in pelvic health, lymphedema and breast care.  These issues often go under reported and, therefore, under-diagnosed. To decide if your patient is appropriate for referral, consider the following:

Pelvic floorIs your patient experiencing dysfunctions of the bowel?  Bladder dysfunction? Sexual dysfunction (example: pain with intercourse or inability to reach orgasm)? Persistent sacral, pelvic or low back pain? 

LymphedemaIs your patient experiencing swelling as a result of cancer treatments or surgeries? Swelling due to venous insufficiency? Persistent swelling post trauma or injury? Unexplained and persistent edema without known cause? 

Breast CareHas your patient recently had breast surgery and is experiencing persistent swelling? Diminished function of the involved extremity? Pain? Postural deficits? 

Transgender & Non-binary Care: Christa offers safe, affirming and expert care for those in the LGBT community. Christa is offering pre and post-operative care for gender affirmation surgeries

If your patient is experiencing any of the above, a referral to therapy is appropriate.  Christa will conduct an extensive and thorough examination, which will include history, systems review and appropriate tests and measures related to the dysfunction.  An individualized plan of care will be discussed with an agreed upon a set of goals.  Christa will communicate the specifics of the treatment plan with you in the documented Pan of Care.  Progress notes can be faxed or with secure e-mail.  Christa believes communication with the referring physician is vital to the success of rehabilitation.  

If you are unsure if an individual is appropriate for these services or you have any questions, feel free to call me.  

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